Conference Roadmap

1. Submission of tentative title, author list, and area choices:
The link for the submission form and the deadline are announced by e-mail.

2. Announcement of the schedule:
Finalized time slot, session, and type (oral/poster) of each presentation are announced.

3. Submission of finalized title, author list, one-page abstract and single-slide digest:
See below for details and templates. Submissions are closed.

4. Announcement of the technical program:
The finalized title, author list, abstract and digest are published on the web page. They will be publicly accessible until the end of the event.

5. Preparation of presentations and posters:
There are no specific requirements for the oral presentations.
For posters, see below for the template and the requirements. You may submit your poster to have it printed and placed by the organization committee. Submissions are closed.

Submission Guidelines

  • One-page abstract:

  • Your one-page paper should include the title and author information, as well as a brief abstract and summary of your work (see the sample abstract). If possible, use illustrations to make your abstract more effective. Please make sure that your abstract matches the sample abstract in terms of style.

    - Please upload your abstract as a single pdf file.
    - Please make sure that your advisor approves the final version of your abstract before submission.

    • You can find the sample abstract (doc) here.
    • You can find the sample abstract (pdf) here.

  • Single-slide digest:

  • All presenters need to submit a single-slide digest to visually summarize their work (see the sample digest). A slide show of all digests will be displayed on monitors throughout the conference day to advertise all the presentations. Your single-slide digest should include title and author information, as well as illustrations and bullet points that briefly explain your work. Some guidelines for digest preparation is as follows:
    - Please upload your digest in pdf format.
    - Please use the sample digest as a template.
    - Please choose 16:9 On Screen Show from Page Setup options to set slide dimensions.
    - Please include your own photo in your digest (as shown in sample digest)
    - Please use necessary illustrations to highlight your work (avoid wordy digests)

    • You can find the sample digest (pptx) here.
    • You can find the sample digest (pdf) here.

  • Posters

    The width of the posters must be exactly 80 cm, and the heights should be around 120 cm.

    You can find the sample poster here in Powerpoint and PDF formats.

Note: If you have any problems regarding submissions, please contact GRC coordinators at