Conference Roadmap

1. Announcement of the presenters
The faculty members determine the graduate students who are going to present their work.

2. Submission of tentative title, author list, and area choices Submissions are closed

3. Announcement of the schedule
Finalized time slot and session of each presentation are announced.

4. Submission of finalized title, author list, and one-paragraph abstract.

5. Announcement of the technical program
The finalized title, author list, and abstract for each presentation are published on the web page. They will be announced in other universities and selected companies, and are going to be publicly accessible until the end of the event.

6. Poster submissions
For oral presentations, the presentation guidelines are announced by e-mail and there is no specific template. For poster presentations, the width must be exactly 80 cm, and the height should be around 120 cm. You may submit your poster before Tuesday, January 25th, to have it printed by the organization committee. We will try to prevent indexing of the web pages by the search engines such as Google, since the presenters may submit their work that has not been published elsewhere.

If you have any problems regarding submissions, please contact