Award for the best 3 presentations:
1750 TL for each!

Best poster award:
750 TL!


Submission Guidelines

Due date: 21 February 2014, 17:00.

This year each presenter needs to submit a one-page abstract and a single-slide digest for GRC2014. The submission details for these items are explained below. Please send your submissions to before 21 February 2014, 17:00.

  • One-page abstract:

  • Your one-page paper should include the title and author information, as well as a brief abstract and summary of your work (see the sample abstract). If possible, use illustrations to make your abstract more effective. Please make sure that your abstract matches the sample abstract in terms of style.

    - Please attach your abstract as a single pdf file.
    - Please make sure that your advisor approves the final version of your abstract before submission.
    - New this year: Using Adobe Illustrator, all abstracts will be converted to a new format to prevent Google to index the files. With this, we aim to address the concerns raised by some of the students about submitting an abstract that contains unpublished results. As a further precaution, all files (except the title/author information) will be removed from the web on March 15, 2014.

  • Single-slide digest:

  • All presenters need to submit a single-slide digest to visually summarize their work (see the sample digest). A slide show of all digests will be displayed on monitors throughout the conference day to advertise all the presentations. Your single-slide digest should include title and author information, as well as illustrations and bullet points that briefly explain your work. Some guidelines for digest preparation is as follows:

    - Please upload your digest both in ppt (or pptx) and pdf format.
    - Please choose 16:9 On Screen Show from Page Setup options to set slide dimensions.
    - Please include your own photo in your digest (as shown in sample digest)
    - Please use necessary illustrations to highlight your work (avoid wordy digests)
    - Please use high resolution figures for your illustrations

    • You can find the sample abstract here.
    • You can find the sample digest (pptx) here.
    • You can find the sample digest (pdf) here.
Note: If you have any problems regarding submissions, please contact GRC coordinators at