Award for the best 4 presentations:
1750 TL for each!

Best poster award:
750 TL!


The best presenters were recognized by the Bilkent EEE Department: four “best oral presentation” awards and a “best poster” award were given out.

  • Best presentation award in Signal Processing / Communications / Control areas was given to Dariush Kari for his research on “Boosted Adaptive Filters”.
  • Best presentation award in Biomedical / Electromagnetics areas was given to Niyazi Koray Ertan for his research on "Gradient Array for Spatially Oscillating Magnetic Fields in Multi-Slice Excitation".
  • Best presentation award in Control / Robotics / Communications / Network areas was given to Mehdi Dabirnia for his research on “Code Design for Binary Energy Harvesting Noisy Channel”.
  • Best presentation award in Photonics / Electronics / Nanotechnology areas was given to Özgün Yavuz for his research on "Control of Pattern Formation in Dissipative, Nonlinear, Far-from-equilibrium Systems via Structured Noise".
  • Best poster presentation award was given to Caner Odabaş and Hasan Eftun Orhon for their joint research on "Extending The Lossy Spring-Loaded Inverted Pendulum Model with a Slider–Crank Mechanism".